Stella Tessarollo


Climate Education Design

Fix Your Food Waste

Our society's problem with food waste is something I've become increasingly aware of and passionate about over these past couple of years. I view this project as the first step in beginning to use my design practice as a way of bringing awareness to and spreading information about issues that mean a lot to me. This piece uses found text from a variety of sources, with a focus on reducing food waste and how to compost. The introduction is original writing, along with my own hand-drawn illustrations. The final pages are 5.5 x 8.5 inch risograph prints.

Did You Know Our Glaciers Are Melting?

Due to the exponential increase of global warming, glaciers have been exponentially decreasing in size. Multiple glaciers in the United States have even shrunk so much that they are no longe considered active glaciers. This has had a profound impact on our landscape and on our world that benefits from the presence of glaciers. The goal of this game is to spread awareness and educate players on the deteriorating status of our glaciers.

Click here for process and game play instructions.